Alphaserver 2100 fails to power up

Dan Williams williams.dan at
Mon Oct 19 18:07:45 CDT 2009

 >ASSuming you're working with a deskside and not a rackmount, the
door switch >may be the problem.  I've had 2 AS2100s fail to power on
when the PCB in the >LCD/switch panel became loose in its mounts.
It's mounted on 4 split pins and the >PCB wears and I think the pins
lose their spring, so when you close the door it pushes >the whole
board aside instead of closing the switch.

 >The fix was insanely difficult and technically challenging - I
jammed the point of a >plastic toothpick into the center of each of
the split pins and cut it off flush.  :-)

2009/10/19 Curt @ Atari Museum <curt at>:
> Bah...   must be broke, you should just give it to me ;-)
> Did you do a continuity check on the safety switches???

The safety switch and the power switch are working OK. I'm leaning
towards the IO board being faulty. I've now tried another cpu and
another memory board I had knocking about.
Should the machine start up with nothing in it but the IO board. ie.
no CPU, memory, scsi boards etc in the machine ?


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