pdp8/e frontpanel lamps

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at hachti.de
Sun Oct 25 18:07:22 CDT 2009

Hi folks,

I just read your responses to my TU56 lamp question. That brought the 
"lamp discussion" back to onto my mind.

I have some information to share, perhaps it might help:

I recently got a box of original lamps from a retired DEC service 
engineer. The blue ones (blue seemed to be VERY important as someone 
also wrote the word "blue" onto the box!).

The box is labelled "Oshino Sub-miniature Lamp".
Made by Oshino Electric Lamps Works, Ltd, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

The box calls the lamps "OL-2, 10V, 40mA". The part number is 12-09129.
The "OL-2" is stamped onto the box along with the ratings. The part 
number is written by hand - together with the "blue". The lamps carry 
the part number.
(I have another box with lamps for RK05 etc. They have the part number 
on the box and "OL-1" directly on the lamps.)

Now I used google - and Oshino is still around! I found their German 
website with some part lists. All article numbers start with "OL-".

The T1 3/4 sized bi-pin lamp that takes 40mA at 10V is now called
"OL-367BP". Perhaps it's just the same.
The light output is told to be 0.08 MSCd.

The company's logo is the same as on my box and the CEO's name is 
Takeshi Oshino. So there is a good chance to get the original lamps.

I have not yet checked if the lamps I got were the same I find in my 
machines, but the brightness perfectly matches and they come from DEC. 
Stored together with little boxes containing new DEC labelled ICs and 
transistors. That should vouch for them.

Best wishes,

Philipp :-)

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