Rescued documentation issues

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>At 4:34 PM -0700 10/26/09, Rich Alderson wrote:
>>Never discard the paper just because you have converted the information
>>content to an electronic or chemical form.  If you don't have room for
>>it, pass it on to the next individual who also cares about these
>This is advice to live by, and I do just that.  That is why I am
>involved with the CBHRC.  Our society is moving away from storing
>knowledge in easy to preserve (and freely share) forms.  I fear that
>future generations will realize what a mistake this is.
As I said in my original email, there are people who are working on those problems.  It behooves all of us to work closely with them.  They tend to be museums and libraries.  Sometimes they don't LOOK like museums and libraries as we've come to know them, but that's because the challenge has become something different than when we just wondered where to stack all the books.  But they are still working on the core problem: how do We (the societal We) ensure that we don't forget what we know.  -- Ian 

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