Ampex Megastore

jim s jws at
Wed Oct 28 15:07:29 CDT 2009

There was also Megatape which had a proprietary tape cartridge and a 
drive with a Pertec Compatable interface.  They managed to come out with 
it head on into the SCSI interfaces taking over the world.  The drive 
was unique in that it fit into one of the CDC 8" drive bays, which were 
the ones which set 2 side by side in a 19" rack.  Pretty, but didn't 
sell well, especially with the custom cartridges.

Megatape tried making Exabyte drives in a rack and eventually 
liquidated, so there may be some such boxes around in peoples piles.

I also have a British made device which was "wafer scale" with a SASI 
interface from the same time period, was not core, but solid state.  
Don't recall the manufacturer right now, but do recall it was the solid 
state memory storage unit with 6" (I think) diameter memory wafers in a 


Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 28 Oct 2009 at 19:15, Philipp Hachtmann wrote:
>> That's what google told me: 50 pin, "megastore", ISA, SASI,
>> questionable ESDI etc.
>> The thing I have is a 19" device approx 2/3 height of a pdp8/e, RL02
>> and friends.
> Very different, indeed.  I think the PC Megastore was a combination 
> SASI tape and hard disk external box.  Probably one of the earliest 
> hard drives for the PC platform.
> --Chuck

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