Rescued documentation issues

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Wed Oct 28 16:02:21 CDT 2009

Rich Alderson wrote:

> Please point out how paper (which can last for 2000 years) is more degradable
> than a CDROM that uses a dye technology with an expected shelf life of less
> than 30.  Or than disk drives which are subject to mechanical as well as
> electronic failures in a far shorter time span.

For example - valuable and historic german documents are all filmed onto
microfilm and stored in an old bunker in the black forest in an air-tight

Microfilm was choosen to archive this valuable documents because very low
technology is needed to read the documents (just some sort of lense) so
to be able to access the "data" stored on the microfilm even without any
electronic device after whatever event (world war III? ;))

I like this way of thinking. Because imho making yourself depending on
"higher technology" like a computer to get valuable information as a
desaster plan seems weird to me.

 Oliver Lehmann

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