Stockholm PDP-10s (was: Kiel PDP-10)

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Given that only 23 were ever sold, the odds aren't good....  -- Ian 
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> No one has a PDP-6.  No one.  :-(((

Well, no one is talking anyway. If a PDP-6 is left in this world, it
would be in a private collection and hidden from view. Being how
legendary a PDP-6 is, it would not be a huge shock to me if one
surfaces some day, out of one of these private piles*.

That is the thing about mainframe collectors - we tend to be extremely
tight lipped. I am a loud-mouth in this respect - most big iron
collectors with the *good* *stuff* will never say a word until they
gain trust in who is asking. Part of this is right in line with
collectors of high end antiques - advertising a collection is an
invite for hordes of people trying to pry the goods away, or in
extreme cases, theft and destruction.

For example, I have recently been thrown into the world of CDC in a
pretty big way. Previous to this, I knew of very few collectors and
very few remaining machines, Cybers or otherwise. Now, the veil has
been pierced, showing a whole underworld of collectors and machines -
and some amazing things. But I ain't talkin'.

* No, I do not know of a remaining PDP-6.


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