Internal company classic computer event

James Wilson james at
Fri Oct 30 16:08:40 CDT 2009

Hi all, enough lurking and time to ask a question....

The software company I work for is planning an internal classic computer 
show as a little light relief near Christmas. We expect a turnout of 
around 100 people and so far have the following planned:

1) Show as many vinatage systems as possible, ideally working. "vintage" 
in this context means anything pre-90 as best I can tell but modern rare 
machine may be shown too. Think ZX81, C64, etc - mostly home machines. 
I'm personally plannig to show my Transputer collection, though I expect 
very limited interest :)
2) Have a collection of classic software & games running on emulators
"3) retro" music
4) beer and snacks (not vintage)
5) Competitions for high score on classic games and best retro dress!
6) Possibly invite a well known talker or two, depending on how much 
interest we expect to generate and/or finance.

Has anyone helped organise something like this before? is there anything 
that worked particularly well/failed miserably? This is a small scale 
fun event and not on the scale of VCF!

Many thanks for any advice

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