seeking PDP-11/93 CABKIT for BA23

Johnny Billquist bqt at
Wed Apr 7 12:43:56 CDT 2010

A few more things...

Johnny Billquist wrote:
> Nigel Williams <nigel.d.williams at> wrote:
>> More details and pictures here:
>> If anyone knows the part numbers for the KDJ11 CABKIT or front/rear
>> plastic panels for the BA23 that would help me contact suppliers.
> You know, Google is really simple to use...
> A quick search on "pdp-11/93 cabkit" gave me CK-KDJ1E-KA.
> Found, for instance, on 
> (in turn from
> You can probably find information on all other stuff you are looking for 
> by using Google as well. However, finding the actual items might be 
> another story.

The plastic pieces for the BA23 you are looking for are purely 
cosmetical. It can say MicroVAX I just as well as PDP-11/93. It won't 
make a difference to the computer inside. And the larger covers are also 
more for cosmetic reason than anything else. Although it might always be 
nice to cover the hardisk so people don't go around and kick it. :-)

And the cabkit for the 11/93 is *only* for the panel at the back. The 
panel at the front is generic, and the same for all computers in a BA23.

And yes, the 11/93 boards can be upgraded to 4 Meg. You just need to 
find the chips, which might start to be a little tricky, but talk with 
used chip dealers.
I've done this myself on several boards...


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