N* Lives!

allison ajp166 at verizon.net
Sat Apr 10 09:29:38 CDT 2010

Steven Hirsch wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Apr 2010, allison wrote:
>> Steven Hirsch wrote:
>>> Thanks to Dave Dunfield's fine work, I have my Horizon system up and 
>>> running!
>>> One thing still puzzles, me though:  Is it possible to create and 
>>> boot SD diskettes on a DD system?  When I boot at DD and bring up 
>>> NST, it cheerfully writes a SD diskette from an image.  However, 
>>> that image will not boot.  Should this work?
>> Yes, however you must forst format the disk as DD and when you do the 
>> copy you must also specify DD for the destination.  Its in the 
>> horizon DD manuals.
> Huh. Don't recall seeing anything about that, but will re-check.
I misread.  A DD controller will only boot DD and the SD controller will 
only boot SD.
The DD controller can read SD disks.

Also there is such a thing as NS* dos being SD only as earlier version 
didn't know of the
DD controller. I believe the DD controller came after V5.2.

>>> Next hurdle is getting the Morrow Disk Jockey 8" controller hooked 
>>> in. Some of the diskettes I received with the unit (none of which 
>>> boot) have Basic and ASM programs that look like they're intended as 
>>> support for the DJ controller.  Without documentation, this is going 
>>> to take a bit of experimentation, I think.
>> Get docs as that will save a huge amount of time.  They are likely on 
>> Bitsavers or other archives.
> I have the Morrow Design docs, but the software discussed is all for 
> CP/M. This box came with a bunch of BASIC and ASM programs that look 
> like they are intended to patch N*DOS for the 8" controller.  Cannot 
> find anything out about them, though, thus the comment about trial and 
> error.
> Steve
Memory says Morrow never bothered with NS*dos only CP/M but it tould be 
iteretesting to see


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