Searching Sage-IV ROM 2.0/2.1 dump

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Wed Apr 14 15:12:03 CDT 2010

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> Subject: Searching Sage-IV ROM 2.0/2.1 dump
> Hi,
> I already asked this in thesimh mailinglist, without replies, so maybe
> this list is more appropriate to get a response.
> I am working on a SIMH emulator for  the Sage&Stride 68k machines
> (Sage-II/IV). There is a lot of docs available at
>, which is the base for the development. One thing I
> haven't found yet is a more recent boot ROM
> than the available 1.2 version; docs mention 2.0 and 2.1. These
> versions
> have, besides presumably a number of bug
> fixes, support for the winchester disk card.
> Does anyone have a rom dump (any format) of such a BIOS (16k)? I
> already
> tried to contact David Erhart, the owner of the above
> site, but twice didn't get any response.
> Thanks in advance
> Holger
> P.S. The code is not yet ready to release (still some bugs in the FDC
> part, some missing instructions, and the HDC support),
> but I'll report in the simh developers list when it is.

Hi Holger,

I missed your earlier emails, sorry.  I'll look for them.

I can help with the ROMs.  I can pull working ROMs from Sage II and Sage IV
systems.  I'm not sure right now what versions.  I'll have to look into
that.  I'll need to get an EPROM programmer up and running again though.  If
anyone is near San Mateo, California with one up and running that I can come
over and use, that would speed up the process.


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