Suggestions for repairing HP tape drive capstans?

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Apr 18 12:34:39 CDT 2010

I have a number of HP QIC tape drive units -- I think it's 2 off 9142, 3 
off 9144 (1 3-board, the other 2 are single-board) and a 9145 [1] all 
with hte same problem. The rubber capstan has turend to goo.

[1] There's a darn 68000 processor in that drive, unlike the 68B09s in 
the other units. Eeek!

The capstan is a rubber 'tyre' on a metal hub, the latter being glued to 
the motor spidnle. The diameter of the hub is around 12mm (but I wil 
measure that accurately) and the overall diameter of the tyre is perhaps 
18mm (it's going to be hard to measure, sure the fact I don't have a 
solid one :-() 

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions as to suitable material that I 
can obtain in the UK to repair this? Assume as ever I have a reasonable 
workshop and am not affraid to pull the drives to bits :-)


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