classic computers at notacon7

Keith keithvz at
Mon Apr 19 11:55:32 CDT 2010

So I got back from Notacon7 in Cleveland, OH, yesterday, and wanted to 
mention that there was a classic computer presence there.

Robert & Jim from Fresno Commodore User Group were there and had setup a 
variety of old machines including 64's, VIC-20's, 1541's, and even an 
A500(Yay!) with a couple boxes of disks.

There was also a demo in the BlockParty demo competition from a guy who 
used the Coleco as his platform of choice.  His demo was mostly written 
in Z80 assembly with help from some FORTH tools.  There was a preference 
for running these demos on the old hardware.  Plenty of Amiga "trackers" 
  used during the music-only portion of the competition.


has more info if you are interested.


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