More stuff to get rid of - Seattle, WA

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Mon Apr 19 23:29:12 CDT 2010

Time for some early spring cleaning.  I've got a pile of stuff I'm never 
going to use again (I've decided to give up on my SparcStation 
collection, for example :))...

Here goes.  This is all located in the Seattle area, the smaller stuff I 
can ship but I'd of course prefer local pickup.  Make me an offer... 
Anything not claimed will be put on Craigslist at the end of the week 
and the remainder goes to RE-PC after that.

- DEC RL02 : not working, but is complete (minus front panel bulbs).  
Very beat up looking, but clean inside.
- Acorn A5000 : works, but faceplate is beat up (got mangled in the mail 
due to bad packing).  Needs new battery (removed old leaky one before it 
could do any serious damage).  No keyboard/mouse -- not PS/2 compatible.
- IBM PS/2 Model 70 (386).  4mb ram, no hard drive but sled is present.  
Boots just fine.
- Blue & White G3 Mac with 450Mhz G4 upgrade.  Runs fine, no hard drive, 
somewhere around 256mb of RAM.
- HP Apollo Series 700.  Small pizzabox.  Worked the last time I powered 
it up.
- Amstrad PC1640 SD : just the main unit, no monitor (which supplies the 
power).  Missing one of the drives.
- Beehive "Super Bee" terminal : No keyboard, needs repair.  In solid 
shape.  Heavy.
- 2x IBM PC Convertibles : One has a backlit screen, one without.  Two 
carrying cases.  One AC adapter.  Serial and Printer expansions.
- Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 : Dual UltraSparc IIi, 512mb ram.  No drives, 
but I have sleds somewhere.
- SparcStation 2
- 2x SparcStation IPX
- SparcStation IPC
- 2x Macintosh Portables - good for parts, no working hard drives 
between the two, alas.

(None of the SparcStations have working NVRAM batteries.)

- Piles of old IDE disks (500mb or less).  Unknown condition, many were 
working at one point but time and stiction make fools of us all.  
Inquire if you want details, I'm too lazy to list them all here right 
now :).

- IBM P260 21" CRT monitor.  Nice flat trinitron CRT, works pretty 
well.  Large, as these monitors tend to be.  Does SOG.


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