Dave McGuire mcguire at
Tue Apr 20 16:13:02 CDT 2010

On Apr 20, 2010, at 5:06 PM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
>>    HASP meaning the predecessor of JES2, with the DMP speaking RJE?
>> That'd be neat.
> Yup, we tried; had a 9600 baud leased line and an 11/750 with a DMP-
> 11 and a package for BSD that claimed to work.  Never could get it to
> work, even with some contracted-for expertise from the guys at
> Berkeley.

   Hmm, I'd love to try to get that working.  I've been doing a bit  
with HASP under MVT, and JES2 under both MVS and z/OS.  I wonder if  
the RJE stuff is still supported under current MVS.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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