Anyone pick up the Manx ball yet?

Steve Maddison steve at
Wed Apr 21 02:53:36 CDT 2010

Richard wrote:
> Well, I don't have time to invest in reverse engineering someone's
> schema in order to do something with it.  The bar for contributing is
> pretty high right now.  I'm happy to collaborate with someone who has
> put in the time to figure out the schema and now can explain it to me
> so we can collaborate on some code for a community site that allows
> expansion without central authority.

I'll have a stab at this over the next few days. Picking out the
foreign keys shouldn't be too difficult, but I'm not planning to go
into great detail, just enough to understand the current situation. A
new front-end wouldn't necessarily need to use an identical data
model, after all.

> I think that was the downfall of the original manx.  It required
> everything to go through a single person who eventually became too
> busy and/or uninterested.  If we had something to which we could all
> contribute as a community, I think it would have more legs.

Couldn't agree more.

> Eventually it'd be nice to just fold it into bitsavers proper.

I don't know if that's a good thing to aim for (as in I actually do
not know, I'm by no means against it).

Steve Maddison

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