Anyone pick up the Manx ball yet?

Steve Maddison steve at
Wed Apr 21 03:12:19 CDT 2010

Richard wrote:
> Dave Caroline writes:
>> Were any pages archived anywhere so I know what was doable with the data?
> By pages, do you mean the underlying scripts that ran the web site?

OTOH, if you mean the output of the scripts, the originals are still online.

> I would contribute to such an effort, but I don't have time to
> spearhead it on my own.  We should organize a group of willing
> contributors and divvy up the work so we can coordinate.

I'm in a similar position. The point of my original question was to
gauge whether anything had already been done and, if not, think about
what it would take to get this moving.

> I'd suggest
> making it an open source project with distributed version control to
> it as easy as possible to contribute.

Yes, I think openness would be the key here. I would go as far as to
suggest that a design requirement would be that the site could easily
be picked up and moved to a different host or, better yet, replicated
from the get-go.

Steve Maddison

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