Memorex 102 20MB Hard disk - Found It!

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Apr 24 13:28:13 CDT 2010

> On Thu, 22 Apr 2010, Tony Duell wrote:
> >> A quick update:  The drive spins up, comes ready and is passing the seek
> >> test in Morrow's FORMATHD.COM utility.  The header read fails on all
> >
> > Sinc this drive has a transparent cover, I assume you can see the heads
> > moving during the seek trst.
> Yes, and it tries to walk off the table :-).  Serious amount of moving 

Right This reminds me of the time a friend got an old (even then) 
high-speed idot matrix impact printer/ After every carrige return it 
moved a little way across his workbench. And thus halfway through 
printing a large file if fell off the bench (and carried on printing.).

Anyway, I think we can assume for the mom,ent that the head possitioner 
in ytour drive is working peoperly.

> mass involved!

> > What error do you get if you try to read them? Does it manage to find
> > anything?
> No, it fails 64 times to read every sector on every track.

YEs, but what is it failing to do? Can it find the sctory (== read the 

Is this a hard sectored dirve? In any case does the cotnroller use the 
index pulse fro anyhting? Is that presnet and correct?

> Yes, I'm planning to poke through it with a scope tomorrow.

Let us know how you get on :-)


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