Looking for a proper HP keyboard

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 25 12:29:07 CDT 2010

>     Dear sirs,
>     I have a 16500A logic analyzer mainframe from HP. I'm looking for a 
> proper keyboard, any chances? It is the same keyboard (connector looks like 
> a RJ45) used on old HP computers

I suspect you mean an HP-HIL interfaced keyobard, this does have a flat 6 
pin connector with latches on the sides. This keyboard was used on some 
HP9000 machines, the HP150-II, etc.

Some older HP machines (HP150m, HP120, HP9816, etc) had their own 
custom-interfaced keyboards (all were different, although the first 2 I 
mentioned are closely related) using an RJ12 type plug.

If it is HP-HIL (HP Human Interface Link, not to be confused with HPIL -- 
HP Interface Loop [1]) then it shouldn't be too hard to find a keyboard. 
The older one is an HP46020, the later one is an HP46021 (I believe 
they're compatible), Rik told me there as also an HP46030 (?) which sends 
different keycoeds and was used on the Vectra. I've never sene that one.

[1] HP never made an HPIL keyboard, but there's a design for one (using 
the HP82166 converter) in 'Control the World with HPIL'.

Where are you? I assume you're not in the UK, if you are I might be able 
to dig one out.


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