FTP from Windows to VMS

arcarlini at iee.org arcarlini at iee.org
Sun Apr 25 06:07:03 CDT 2010

Rob Jarratt [robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com] wrote:

> I sniffed the packets a few days ago and posted this in my first post:

Sorry, must have been before I started to follow the trhead.

I have this lot lying around:

KRAKAR::SYSTEM> dir sys$manager:*ucx*.log


UCX$FTPSERVER.LOG;130                   UCX$FTPSERVER.LOG;129
UCX$FTPSERVER.LOG;128                   UCX$FTPSERVER.LOG;127
UCX$FTPSERVER.LOG;126                   UCX$FTPSERVER.LOG;125
UCX$FTPSERVER.LOG;124                   UCX$FTPSERVER.LOG;123

Total of 9 files.

Assuming your UCX keeps its logs in a similar place, have a look and 
see what you get. (Mine are all quite boring ... it works for me :-)).

(And I'm sorry if you've done this already too ...)


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