wall of sgi photos

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Sun Aug 1 23:38:31 CDT 2010

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>I finally got around to taking some photos of the warehouse where my
> collection is stored (along with my friend's arcade game collection
> and a computer recycling outfit).  Most of my stuff isn't really in
> good "show" condition right now as I'm trying to organize my friend's
> arcade machines and my space is temporarily filled with some of his
> overflow stuff to make holes so I can move machines around.  At any
> rate, you can get a good view of my Tektronix storage tube terminals
> and my wall of sgi.  Also, there are some photos of the Eve cabinets
> for Jos Dreesen.  Sorry, just one side of the exterior of the cabinets
> for now, board photos to come later when things aren't so cramped.
> <http://picasaweb.google.com/legalize.slc/Warehouse#>
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Those arcade machines look nice, does he play them at all?  And you have 
quite a few SGI machines.

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