Mystery print drum

Charlie Carothers csquared3 at
Mon Aug 2 23:40:12 CDT 2010

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 1 Aug 2010 at 23:39, Mike Loewen wrote:
>> On Sun, 1 Aug 2010, Mike Loewen wrote:
>>>   I have an unidentified drum from a line printer, 120 columns and
>>>   64 
>>> characters.  The characters are the same on each horizontal line,
>>> and the drum is one solid piece.  Can anyone hazard a guess as to
>>> which printer this might fit?  There are no part numbers on it.
>>     Oops, that should be 160 columns, not 120.
> Univac and CDC both had drum printers in the 60s/70s with 6-bit 
> character sets.
> --Chuck
I'm pretty sure the Data Products ones we used had 6-bit character sets 
as well.  However ISTR they were only 132 columns, though DP could well 
have made 160 column ones as well.
Charlie C.

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