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Mark Davidson mdavidson1963 at
Tue Aug 10 14:37:11 CDT 2010

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 11:54 AM, Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:
>> All the boxes finally arrived (and I still have to go through
>> everything), but I am the proud owner of an Epson QX-10... with
> Nice machine. The QX10 is one of my favourite desktop CP/M machines. The
> video system is based round a 7220, the serial port (IIRC) uses a 7201.
> amd it's got those lovely 1/3 height floppy drives with linear positioners
> (like tiny RK05s...)

Always good to have more info... :)

> One thing to be aware of. The video board cna use wither 4116s or 4164s
> -- 16 of either, all must be the same type. There are some obvious links
> to move if you upgrade the RAM (if you don't shift them, you'll ruin the
> 4164s by applying 12V to them!), but there are also some decoupling
> capacitors that _must_ be removed if you use 4164s. If not, you get ome
> odd corruption after the screen has scrolled a few times. Don't ask how I
> found this out...

VERY good to know... thank you.

> I think the heardware manual is on the web somewhere, so I won't have to
> say 'fourth bookshelf, between the CoCo3 service manaul and the HP5245
> counter manaul' :-)

LOL... I haven't dug through all the boxes of manuals, newsletters,
etc, yet.  When I post the pictures, I'll also post everything else
that came with the machine in case anyone on the list needs copies.

>> original manuals, newsletters from a users group and a nice collection
>> of software... CP/M, Valdocs 2, Valdocs 3, dBase II, PeachText,
> I beleive there are offiically different keyboards for CP/M and Valdocs.

That's my understanding as well.  I haven't looked at the keyboard yet.

> My QX10 came with CP/M, I have never seen Valdocs. I seem to recall it
> was reported as being somewhat slow, wann't it written in a TIL, not
> machine code?
> -tony

My understanding is that Valdocs 2 was written in Forth, and Valdocs 3
was written in C.  It's also my understanding that Valdocs 3 was
slower than 2.  I'm pulling all this out of memory based on reading
articles about the product online, so take it with a grain of salt.
The woman who had this machine used it quite a bit and was just
looking for a home for it.  I would have posted something about this
earlier, but (not to make her sound bad) it took MONTHS to get the
machine shipped.  She apparently had a bunch of data on diskettes and
wanted to recover what she could.  I told her (and had to keep telling
her) "just ship it when you can... I'm not going anywhere and I'm
patient".  My girlfriend laughed at that because I'm actually NOT that
patient. :)

But, in the end, she found a home for the machine and I have a new
baby to work with.  I love collecting old computers!


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