Tony Duell ard at
Fri Aug 13 13:13:31 CDT 2010

> There was some discussion earlier about the nature of the fuel for the
> lamp.  Although it is explicitly battery operated (see vending machine!),
> It was generally assumed not to be a conventional torch/flashlight.

I always assumed it was an electrically powered lantern (one game 
described it as a 'brass lantern' IIRC. In other words electrically 
identical to a nromal torch/flashlight, but mechancially different.

> Well, a friend knew that I was in need of a better power failure light,
> and gave me a lamp.   It looks like an ordinary "hurricane lantern".  But,
> instead of combustion, it has more than a dozen LEDs!  The "fuel tank"

Colossal Cave and Zork long poredate whtie LEDs :-)

> has a door on the bottom for batteries.  What appears to be
> a liquid fuel tank cap rotates, and is actually an ON/OFF switch and

They should have had a little rod coming out the side below the glass 
part for that, like the wick adjustment on a real huricane lamp.

> dimmer control!   I'm not used to seeing reasonably smooth dimming with
> LEDs.

I would assume it varies the mark:space ration of a drive waveform. Have 
you dismantled it to see what's inside?


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