VAXstation 2000 video

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> So I picked up both a MicroVAX 2000 with 120mb MFM drive and MMJ
> terminal
> adapter and a VAXstation 2000 with 40mb ST-251, keyboard, mouse, and
> some
> little breakout box for the latter two.
> Both systems power up and the drives don't make any nasty noises
> (though
> both are blank so they won't be booting anything until I get VMS on
> them)
> but in both cases I have no way to communicate with them. The MicroVAX
> I
> can't talk to simply because I lack an MMJ cable but the more
> interesting
> VAXstation with it's 4-bit framebuffer simply because I don't see how
> on
> earth you connect up a monitor to it. The keyboard and mouse break out
> box
> connect to the monitor port but the box itself has no connections for a
> monitor to be plugged in.
> How did this work and what types of monitor were compatible? I might
> have
> access to a VR201 if I want to pay shipping from MA to western canada.

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