what was VMS/OpenVMS written in?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Thu Dec 2 17:34:54 CST 2010

At 3:54 PM -0600 12/2/10, John Foust wrote:
>Or, for example, why I'm still running a 1984 copy of Brief as my
>text editor in a DOS window on a dual-24" quad processor PC.

Guess that explains why one of my main Text Editors is Joe.  The 
keybindings are the same as Wordstar and the Borland language 
editors.  Then there is the little matter of my inability to give up 
ClarisDraw.  Or my fondness for the Commodore 64 and BASIC (for 
several years my only computer was a VIC-20).

It doesn't explain my love of the Mac, or VMS.


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