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>> Well alright then, if its just a flame war I wont bother bringing it
>> up. Just thought it would be an interesting idea, a way to keep the
>> machines running in the future with a cheap media when scsi becomes
>> unavailable or too expensive because of its rarity.
>> Anyone who has come up with ideas, i'd encourage you to move forward
>> with at least a theory or virtual model, if not a physical device.
> How hard would it be to make an adapter from SCSI (or laptop IDE) to SD
> cards (the ones all these digital cameras use)? I figure there will be
> millions of those things in the 256MB to several GB range (perfect for
> old systems), they should be fast enough, small enough, and about
> worthless plus easy to ship cheaply. People are using IDE to CF adapters
> but it seems to be SD is more common and much smaller.
I believe if the appropriate pin is grounded on power up, the CF card 
interface is exactly an IDE interface.  In this mode the adapter is just 
a couple of connectors and a bunch of conductors - usually etch of 
course.  Thus the adapter is really just  compensating for the connector 
differences.  I think that is why they are relatively inexpensive.

You're right about SD cards replacing CF.  Not too long back I bought a 
good sized CF card for my still very serviceable Canon G3 camera since I 
fear the CF cards will shortly become more difficult to find.

SD cards are attractive in many ways.  For one thing, they can be 
accessed via an SPI interface which saves some I/O pins on that end. 
Since I really know nothing about SCSI, I don't know if that is a good 
approach for a SCSI/SD adapter or not.  I wonder if there are any real 
time requirements in a SCSI interface that would be impacted by talking 
to the SD card in a bit serial fashion.
Charlie C.

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