Eric Smith eric at
Fri Dec 3 20:47:33 CST 2010

I wrote about the Z85C30:
 > It is still made by Zilog, and still stocked by Digikey.

Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
 > Humm, all hits searching for it on list it as non-stock,
 > the minimum order number of any of the parts listed is 175 chips,
 > so dunno how practical using that is going to be.

I use, not, and see eight variants in stock 
(three DIP, five PLCC), all with a minimum quantity of one.  The 8 MHz 
DIP version is USD 8.79 for quantity one, and there are 700 in stock.

The also have the Z85230, which is an enhanced part.  In small 
quantities, it is about twice as expensive as the Z85C30.


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