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Sat Dec 4 22:37:56 CST 2010

>Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2010 19:13:08 -0800
>From: Eric Smith <eric at>

>Dyslexia strikes again.  I thought you were looking for the 85C30, not
>the 53C80.  Sigh.
>I doubt that anyone makes the 5380 or 53C80 anymore.

Not quite the 53C80, but perhaps the next best thing:

I have three 53C94 and three 53CF94 in 84 pin PLCC packages which I will
happily ship (for free) to anyone who wants to dabble on this project.
They are untested, and I'm looking at my inventory trying to figure out
whatever possessed me to buy them in the first place.   Perhaps I got them
with a larger lot.   I  only ask that you actually be about to experiment
before you ask me to send them to you.   It's too easy to acquire stuff
with the intention of doing a project and then for various reasons never do

I also have a brick of 660 NCR 53C96 chips.  Unfortunately, these are a
(IIRC) 100 pin QFP (30 X 20?), which is more difficult to work with than a
DIP or socketable PLCC.  I am reluctant to open the (sealed) brick to pull
out one or two, but if someone wants to develop this project with the 53C96
in mind I'd be happy to supply 53C96s for the production at a nominal cost;
certainly no more than $1 per chip.   Again, not quite sure what I was
thinking when I bought them....

If these are usable and not too modern for this project that should help
keep the cost down as compared to paying $5 - $10 per SCSI chip.

Finally having a written inventory really helps to bring home all those
items that I just can't imagine any realistic future use for....

I put the datasheets for the AMD 53C94/96 and the 53CF94/96 as well as the
Zilog 53C80 up at:


Jeff Walther

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