Original HP Laserjet printer, free in Maryland...

Clay Archer clay at ArcherServices.com
Wed Dec 8 13:40:28 CST 2010

I still have some parts for the original LaserJet.   If I recall
correctly, the engine was made by Canon and was also used in printers by
other manufacturers like QMS and Canon.   I installed & maintained quite
a few of them.
As far as collecting printers, I still have a few that are small enough
to hold onto.  I have a Kleinschmidt drum printer (1960's?) and an
Axiohm aluminized-thermal printer from the late 70's.   I had to give up
all my Teletype's (ASR-33 and an older model) as well as a chain
printer, Printronix line printer, and a wet-process "laser" printer from
the early 70's (?) I think it was a Xerox.  Just took up too much space.
They are all a part of history; I hope someone out there is holding onto
Owned by a coworker of mine who says it still works fine.
He doesn't want to throw it out if there is someone
interested in preserving it.  Somehow, I've never been
interested in adding printers to my collection.  In the
"nostalgia era" of my computer experience, what I collect,
printers were noisy, messy and not worth the bother.
Anyway, if you want it and can arrange to pick it up fairly
quickly, let me know.


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