Drive Type International Memories, Inc. (IMI) 5012H

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Dec 8 13:48:36 CST 2010

> On 7 Dec 2010 at 19:40, Tony Duell wrote:
> > I seem to remember that some/most/all ST412-interfaced drives will
> > assert an error signal if you select a head that isn't present (e.g.
> > selecting head 6 on a 6-head (numbered 0 to 5) drice) or if you seek
> > heyond the maximum cylinder. I've worked on several systems that use
> > this to make sure the hard drive is the one they're xonfigured for and
> > complain if it isn't (even it it haas more heads/cyliunders than are
> > expected).
> What most PC controllers return for a non-existent head is either 
> "time out" or "sector not found"--and that seems to work.

The advantage of using the hardware error line from the drive (if you 
can) is that iy doesn't require the drive to be formatted in a way that 
the controller understands.


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