Original HP Laserjet printer, free in Maryland...

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 14:59:07 CST 2010

> I still have some parts for the original LaserJet.   If I recall
> correctly, the engine was made by Canon and was also used in printers by

Yes, it was the Canon CX engine. Canon sold the CX-VDO mdoel with no 
formatter board ('video interfacve') and the LBP8A1, etc with their own 
formatter, Ohter manufacturers made their own formatter boards. Actually 
the HP Laserjet used the Cannon formatter board with different firmware 

> other manufacturers like QMS and Canon.   I installed & maintained quite
> a few of them.

I still have the CX-VDO that I built (after much hacking) from a 
defective LBP8A1. I have the laser printer interface in my PERQ which 
drives this printer (and almsot noting else). Alas CX toner cartridges 
are unobtainable now.

> =20
> As far as collecting printers, I still have a few that are small enough
> to hold onto.  I have a Kleinschmidt drum printer (1960's?) and an
> Axiohm aluminized-thermal printer from the late 70's.   I had to give up
> all my Teletype's (ASR-33 and an older model) as well as a chain
> printer, Printronix line printer, and a wet-process "laser" printer from
> the early 70's (?) I think it was a Xerox.  Just took up too much space.
> They are all a part of history; I hope someone out there is holding onto
> them.

Bieign a hardware collecotr, I colelct things other than just computers, 
and as I've said before I can find beauty in a printer (or a modem, a 
terminal, etc) as well as in a processor. 

I try to colelct machines that are in some way unusual (which actually 
covers quite a lot of them :-)). Amongst them I have :

A few mechancail teleprinters (Creed 7E, Creed 444 [1]. Teletype ASR33)

A Versatec V80 electrostatic printer

Canocn CX laserpiner (heck, an SX engine, in the form of an Apple 
Laserwriter, is the main printer here).

An HP 7245A thermal printer/plotter. A strange machine, it both prints 
(using a 712 element printhead) and plots (using one element and moving 
both the prinhead and paper back and forth).

A Centronic printer that seems to move the carriage by havign a 
contiuously moving belt running acrsos the chassis and solenoids in the 
carriage that grip eiterh the top or bottom run of the belt to move the 
carriage in either direction)

That Oivetti Sparkjet (JP101) I mentioned a while back

HP Thinkjets (I think I have one of every model now). 

ICL/GE 'Termiprinter' A priting termianl that is actually a belt type 
line printer inside.

And of coruse assorted impact dot matrix printers, daisywheels, 
spark-onto-alumiium-coated-paper printers, numerical strip printers, etc, 
etc, etc.

[1] I don;t suppsoe anyone knows where to get a reader drive belt for 
this machine from? As far as I rememebrr it's the same pitch as the mtoro 
belt in an ASR33, but that one has 44 teeth and the Creed 444 4needs a 
shorter one (40 teeh? 41 teeth?). 


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