Releasing sources/schematics. Was: apple Lisa2. Any advice on

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Dec 12 12:43:00 CST 2010

>    Tony Duell, the master of HP, said:
> > My experience of releasing source code for classic computer-related
> > things is that the market is so small that nobody is going to make them
> > commerically anyway. And I would much rathers others could see the
> > sources, make changes, improve it, make other simialr devivces, etc.
>     I have a thinking about this:
>     - Release everything and sell the product. Because who KNOWS how to do, 
> will do it with or without the sources. Who DOESN'T KNOW how to do, will not 
> do even with the sources.
>     It always worked for me.

That's what I do, and always have. 

I know there are plenty of people who can improce on what I've done. Who 
would do it differently, Who would want to make changes. To which I have 
only one word -- GREAT! If what I've done helps somebody else to do 
something they want/need to do, then that's how we progress. I can think 
of one time in particularly where an enthusiast will not release the 
sources for his program (which, due ot the hardware it runs on is useless 
to me in its current form), and which has hindered me as a result. Oh 
well... If/when I get roudn to producign my own version I will release my 

I am alos pretty sure that the market for add-ons, test units, etc for 
classic computers is so samll that nobody is going to try to make them 

Just about the only thing I object to is somebody basing theie design on 
a large part of my work and not acknowledging it. 

As regaurds the 'will do it even without the source), I agree. It reminds 
me a od a comment I make when manufactueres will not sell me service 
manuals or spare parts. Namely "I'll fix that darn thing without the 
manual. I'll make the parts from scratch if need be. But I also know what 
manufactuter to not recomend in the future and who not to buy from 
again". I am likely to be less free with advice (on anything) to people 
who don't release sources. 

One final comment. You may come across things I wrote years ago with 
comments like 'This is not Public Domain, it is released for the benefit 
of PERQ fanantics...'. It is _not_ leagally public domain, I will not 
totally give up the copyright (for good reasons)., But I will take a very 
wide definiton of 'PERQ fanatic' or whatever. If it helps you write a 
PERQ emulator, or archive some PERQ disks, or.. then you're a 


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