3B1 emulator: IT BOOTS! (sort of)

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 13:54:17 CST 2010

> They say "A picture says a thousand words"... well, here's a screenshot 
> of the current version of FreeBee booting the System Loader and 
> Diagnostics disc for the 3B1:

OK, waht was the problem?

> I'm looking for other folks to help out with this -- a reasonably 
> experienced 68K coder would be useful, or folks who know how the WD 1010 
> and 2797 Winchester and FDD controllers behave in 'real life' 
> (unfortunately I don't have a 2797 to breadboard with).

As you know, I am mch more of a hardware person, but I have talked ot the 
1793 etc disk controllers (and the 279x is much the same as a 179x with 
some of the support chips built-in). If oyu have any specific questions I 
will see what I can rememebr...

I also have the data sheets for both these chips if you don't have them


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