When did RSTS/E get networking?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Tue Dec 14 19:26:11 CST 2010

At 2:17 PM -0800 12/14/10, John A. Dundas III wrote:
>At 3:01 PM -0700 12/14/10, Richard wrote:
>>In article <a06240806c92d8eaefd6e@[]>,
>>     "John A. Dundas III" <dundas at caltech.edu> writes:
>>>  At 1:43 PM -0700 12/14/10, Richard wrote:
>>>  >Either as an option from DEC or built-in.  Which version?
>>>  The earliest availability of DECnet for RSTS/E that I can find is in
>>>  V06C.  The SPD gives that as optional software.  The System
>>>  Generation manual provides the details.
>>Wikipedia says this is 1979 for "DECnet Phase II".
>Could be.  I don't have a good timeline for DECnet.
>V06C was ~July 1978.

I couldn't find the document I was looking for, but I'm pretty sure 
the info it contained went into the following doc.

Also I show that RSTS V6B came out in 1977.

At least the following versions of DECnet/E still exist; 2.0, 2.1, 
4.0, and 4.1.  I've found mention of DECnet/E 4.2, but I don't 
believe it was ever released, and V4.1 works on RSTS/E V10.1.  IIRC, 
DECnet/E V4.1 is "DECnet Phase III".


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