apple Lisa2. Any advice on non-working floppy drives?

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It'd probably go a lot faster if you swapped some boards from one to the other. 

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Interesting.  It's amazing the gadgets enthuisasts have developed.

I'll wait until I get some software and get at least one Lisa booting before 
worrying about the keyboard.  I think this Lisa restoration is going to be 
one for the long haul.


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>> wrote=
>> :
>> >
>> > I think this thing uses the well-known Keytonics cpacitive keyboard.The
>> > foam pads under the keys can fail with age (resultign in non-working
>> > keys), also the metalising on the back of the lower plasic disk can
>> > vanish (!).
>> Patrick Sch=E4fer has suggested a different material for repair of Lisa
>> keyboards, the metal-foil-like wrapping from a crisps/chips/fries
> I wonder if those metalised mylar emergency 'blankets' would work.
> The origianl plastic was much thicker and more rigid that either of these
> alternatives, but that might not matter. But I wonder if something closer
> to the original could be found to keep the thing nearer the original.
>> pack. I have not tried this yet but I am collecting the packaging.
>> Patrick also describes a handy Lisa keyboard tester.
> Hmmm... I notice he won';t release the firmware source. I can fully
> understnad why the sources for commercial products are often not
> available, but my suspicious mind suggests that one reason why they
> wouldn't be avaialble for soemthign like this is that the author is
> aashamed of the code. In which case I am not sure I'd trust it.
> -tony

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