Tektronix graphics, NASA and FORTRAN‏

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 12 02:07:16 CST 2010

Hi Gang,

While surfing, I found a repository of NASA FORTRAN code from the NASA-COSMIC library.

 of graphics in here as you could imagine, supporting Tektronix, PLOT10 
and VT100 graphics terminals.  As I know there are lots of geeks here, like me
 still interested in this sort of stuff.  I have attached a abstract 
list of the code.

Let me know if you are interested in any of 
this - it certainly has application or useful as learning material; for 
example the calculation of satellite trajectories for us AMSAT ham guys.

 can certainly Google yourself, but the download for me was a bit tricky
 - requiring a linux box and the Subversion version control system.

How can I push it up to Bitsavers?

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