RCS Open House

William Donzelli wdonzelli at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 13:20:32 CST 2010

Mark the 18th of this month - next Saturday - for an Open House at the
Retrocomputing Society of Rhode Island* at our millspace in
Providence, RI. Last month we fired up an EAI TR-10 analog computer,
and I suspect we will be doing the same this month, as well as
possibly some work on a PDP-11/45 and a DEC Lab-K. Lots of super nerd
geek talk as well. And possibly a fun dog.

Generally, hours are 3 to 8 PM, with a dinner break around 6. The mill
is located in the neighborhood of Olneyville, just a few miles from
central Providence. For directions go to:


Ask if you need more information!

*Not the Rhode Island Computer Museum aka RICM!


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