68k s-100 board was [Re Decent Motorola 68000 - 68010 book]

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 13 17:08:38 CST 2010

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Status posted anywhere else?


Hi  You can check the N8VEM wiki for schematics, PCB layout, and parts list.
CPU> &param=S-100%2068K%20CPU
Otherwise the status of the S-100 68K CPU board is
we've got a team of builders
schematic captured & reviewed
PCB layout done and verified
5 PCB prototypes ordered
prototype PCBs sent to builders
lead builder is currently doing build and test
project wiki set up
various pieces of TUTOR 1.3 software gathered
We are not done with build and test.  No ETA.  There are some minor changes
and items found so far but nothing of consequence.  No cuts and jumpers
identified for the board.
After prototype build and test is done, we are going to focus on the
software.  Probably custom test/debug/monitor EPROMs first, then TUTOR 1.3
with a goal of CP/M 68K (maybe)
The plan is the PCBs will be available for $20 each plus shipping.  They are
for educational purposes only.  No kits or pre-built boards.  There is no
ETA for the manufactured PCBs.
That's about it.  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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