C64/C128 CP/M Cartridge Interest?

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>> > Would anyone on the list with CP/M or Z80 experience be interested in
>> > helping design a CP/M cart for the C64 and C128?  I'd like to learn 
>> > more
>> > about CP/M and the Z80, and I thought a revamped cartridge might be a 
>> > nice
>> > way of learning and tying back to my CBM bias.
>> The C128 has CP/M capability built in (Z80A 4Mhz), there is a cart for 
>> the
>> C64 as well.
> I'm quite sure Jim is aware of that :)
> However, the C64 CP/M cart was notoriously flaky and could only run 2.2. 
> It
> would be interesting to see if a later design could do more.
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Well CP/M even on the 128 suffered from slow hardware designs. I guess if 
you want to make a whole (RAM included) CP/M cart it would be better then 
what is out there now. Would the cart have to be paired with a 1571 to read 
other CP/M disks? 

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