apple Lisa2. Keypads

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 24 16:48:30 CST 2010

> On 12/23/2010 10:21 PM, Terry Stewart wrote:
> >> But, just out of curiosity, where exactly would you order keypads from?
> >>
> >
> > Erik's marketplace right here
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > They would need shipping to New Zealand which would add to the cost. 
> > Also I have THREE keyboards I'd like to repair not just one.
> Oh, I see, these are pulls from another old keyboard.  Too bad.

If these spares are actually old parts, then I take back what I said 
about using them. These parts do decay with age, and there seems to be 
little point in fitting soemthing that is going to fail again very soon.

I seem to remember, though, that Keytronics keyboards were made until 
relatively recently, and that spares for themn were available. If you 
could find some of those they would probably be good for 10 years or so 
and might be worth using.

> >
> > Hmmm...ok, your letter has convinced me.  It SEEMS easy enough, and
> > it's not like this has to be done immediately.  I can snatch a few
> > hours here and there as time allows.  However I'm sure it will take me
> > more than an afternoon or two so I'm not convinced it's "less trouble"
> > (-: .  More satisfying and permenant in the end though maybe.  I'd
> > certainly replace the foam as most of it is degraded really badly.
> I suppose if you could build some sort of circular cutting device that
> has the right diameter, it would go a lot easier, but that seems
> difficult.  You'd need to find a metal tube of the right size and

Presumably it's the inside diameter that's crtiical. Why not just bore 
soemthing out to the right diameter and sharpen the edge?

> sharpen it to a blade, then rotate it against foam glued to a
> mylar/taped aluminum foil layer.  (Or against foam/taped aluminum
> separately and then glue.)
> I suppose mylar balloons might work if flattened and glued to a thin
> stiff piece of plastic also?

I still wonder if those meatlaised 'emergency blankets' would work. You 
see them in pound shos over here, and I would think one would be big 
enoguh for several keyuboards.


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