C64-C128 CP-M Cartridge Interest

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Dec 25 14:33:18 CST 2010

> Tony Duell wrote:
>  > I beleive the historay can be traced back to the MCS8i system. This,
>  > AFAIK, never had disks, and never ran CP/M. But it's 8080-based and
>  > amazingly it has a CPM-like IOBYTE at location 3.
> It's not that the Intel development systems had a CP/M-link IOBYTE.  
> It's that CP/M has an Intel MDS-like IOBYTE.  Remember that Gary Kildall 
> wrote software for Intel before writing CP/M, and that CP/M was written 
> to run on an MDS.

Sure. The MCS8i and DMS800 came before CP/M...

The only reason I said 'CPM-like' is that few people hwere have read the 
MCS8i monitor soruces.... Rather more know CPM.


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