C64-C128 CP-M Cartridge Interest

Ken Seefried ken at seefried.com
Sat Dec 25 16:13:49 CST 2010


From: allison <ajp166 at verizon.net>
> Minimal system:
> 8080, 8085, NsC800, Z80, or Z180 cpu. The prefered CPU is z80 as
> it's easy to interface and there are some CP/M apps that require it.
> 64K ram, (technically cp/m runs in 20k or more but useful apps are 
> minimally 48K)
> Boot rom(eprom/flash) that maps out of the 0000h startup address
> Mass storage, this can be floppy, CF, SD, Or some form of rom/ram to 
> look like disk.
> User IO, typically a serial line for a terminal can be a memory mapped video
> and keyboard or similar.
For my high school senior project, I designed and built essentially this, significantly over 20 years ago. Z80, 64k RAM (4 x 16Kx8), serial port, simple relocating boot ROM, relevant CBIOS, floppy. I had a TRS-80 4P running Montezuma CP/M (thanks, Dad) to write code on and a random EPROM writer to program 2764s. Got it to boot CP/M in a semester, working an hour or more daily, 5 days a week. I'd also generally figured out how to interface, for local reasons, to STD-Bus for expansion, but never actually implimented it. Had an Intel bubble memory dev kit (128k), but also never got around to it. 

Went to college, had Vaxen, 3B2s and early Suns with Unix and C, with a sprinkle of Pascal, Modula-2 & Ada followed by Symbolics and Xerox AI machines. And I relized how much more interested I was in solving big problems than figuring out what problems I could fit into tiny computers, and never looked back. Maybe I'll see if I can find the remaining bits and notes in the basement one day.

Point being, it's an imminently doable project, of variable utility these days, and there's a ton of existing work that can be leveraged. 


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