Looking for EPROM 2708 help

dwight elvey dkelvey at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 26 12:38:14 CST 2010

> From: trebor77 at execpc.com
> Is there anyone out there that can BURN a 2708 EPROM for me.
> My Data I/O System-19 W/UNIPAK is DAS Kaput. It will not burn me a good 
> prom. Not Sure why though. My Fault ????
> I am trying to add some code to Dave Dunfields Monitor to find out why 
> the 2708 that Andrew burnt is malfunctioning on my N*.
> I have tried to add several lines of code but the resulting Prom just 
> doesn't perform the way the Andrew Prom does.
> I am using a SOL-20 System/Bus Probe that will Single Step the N* CPU so 
> I can then track the code and its execution.
> I can see the results of the OUT 3 & 2 Instructions but not the IN 2.
> I am going to add jumpers to the Probe to display "Data In" as well as 
> the existing "Data Out" and that might help.
> I have at least 5 2708's and can mail one out then I can sent the Code 
> as an attachment.
> ALSO is there anyone out there using Dave's Monitor Mapped at "0000" 
> that would be willing to test the 2708 that I have; that works somewhat; 
> that way I could determine if the Fault is in the N* or in the Code itself.
> Since I can't burn a New Prom I am up the creek without a Paddle so to 
> speak.
> Bob in Wisconsin

Hi Bob from W
 I have both a 19 and one of those s100 ROM programmer boards ( forget
the name ). The problem is that it is all in storage right now and it might
take a month to get to it ( moved into a new house and have other
projects for a while ).

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