TRS-80 Model II/12/16 (was Re : HP Drives)

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Thu Dec 30 14:13:51 CST 2010

--- On Thu, 12/30/10, Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:

> > I really miss my tandy 16 and
> 6000.  Had the whole house set up (when I was
> > younger) with terminals off my tandy xenix machines,
> plus a modem on one of
> > them so we could pull newsgroups :)
> I am jealous :-)

Yeah... I've been steadily working towards getting a working TRS-80 Xenix machine. At the moment, I have enough parts (I believe) to make a working Model II, and a line on the 68000 board. Unfortunately, the difficult part to find is a hard disk. I have the Model II host adapter for the early TRS-80 Eight Meg drive (which is, of course, completely incompatible with anything else), but no drive. I can't even cobble it to a regular MFM drive, since the actual disk controller is in the drive cabinet (I have only the host adapter). Unfortunately, you can't really run Xenix without a hard drive.


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