Apple/Corvus Whatsit

Jason T silent700 at
Thu Dec 30 18:36:42 CST 2010

While sorting through my voluminous Apple // hoard today I uncovered
this device:

Anyone have any idea what it is?  There in only the ribbon cable with
9pin male connector on it and the cutout which has 8 DIP switches and
a 3-pin connector.  I am somewhat familiar with the Corvus hard drive
and networking systems for the Apple // line but I have never seen

I also uncovered a boxed (board, manual, sw inside) Apple Turnover
kit.  The floppy is (c) 1985 F. Cisin.  Is that our own Fred Cisin on
this list?

I have at least a couple dozen (so far) mystery Apple // cards in this
box....I *know* if I approach the search correctly, one will be a
Swyft ;)


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