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Isn't there also an issue of recording direction of flippy discs being opposite of expected? Or are disc controllers smart enough to account for this? Seems like this would also affect interleave as well as the per-sector data reversal.

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On Dec 31, 2010, at 5:44 PM, David Griffith <dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu> wrote:

> On Fri, 31 Dec 2010, Philip Pemberton wrote:
>> On 31/12/10 20:48, Tony Duell wrote:
>>> Would it be possible to read a 'flippy' in a dobule-head drive (I asusme
>>> the Diskferret has a sid-select output) and then revese the bitstream
>>> form side 1 in software brfore trying to analyse it?
>> Sure, as long as the drive head was aligned correctly to allow that to work. AIUI some disc formats have the lower head offset by about half a track relative to the upper head.
>> And yes, the DiscFerret does have a side-select output.
> Some more questions that I don't see the answers to on your page:
> 1) How does the Discferret present itself to the operating system?  A mass-storage device?
> 2) How does the user control the various aspects of the Discferret, like what format to use, side to use, which drive to use, etc?
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