Classic Epson printer emulators

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Feb 1 13:53:01 CST 2010

> I thought the fading issue was quite commonly realised, esp. if you're the type
> that hangs on to receipts.

It's certainly well-known among the users of old HP calculators which 
have thermal printers. But few opther people seem to realise it.

> On the other hand, I have dozens of printouts from high school in 1976, from
> the printer for a HP9830 computer/calculator, taped to sheets and bound in a

I assume this was the HP9866 thermal prionter. THe one that stacks on top 
of the 9830 and looks like part of the main machine. I mention that 
becuase while the 9830 has a built-in interface for that 9866 printer, 
you could link all sorts of other printers to it (there was certainly a 
daisywheel, the HP9871). The built-in interface was similar in concept to 
a Cnetronics port (7 parallel data lines, strobe, acknowledge IIRC), and 
could fairly easily be hacked to something else.

> folder, all of which are completely legible, very slight fading, except for
> some corners under 3M tape which have faded completely.

Assuming it was the 9866 thermal printer, I guess whether the printout 
fades or not depends more on the peper than the printer itself. YOu can 
uuse normal thermal fax paper in this printer (I assume you can still buy 
that), but I guess you were using the genuine HP stuff.


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