Anyone with 8" drives , UK ?

Andrew Back andy at
Tue Feb 9 05:46:05 CST 2010

The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley have machines with 8" drives.
IIRC a Research Machines 380Z, for one, and I'm sure there will be others.
They might be interested in a copy of the software for their archives too.



On (12:19 09/02/10), Nico de Jong wrote:
> From: "Rob" <robert at>
> Subject: Anyone with 8" drives , UK ?
> >Hi All.
> >
> >
> >Recently, I've been setting up to try and remember
> >and resurrect as much of the old BT Prestel and other period viewdata
> >systems as I can.
> >anyway... I've found somebody that has an archive of their pages from
> >Prestel, and we'd both liketo get them up on the site.  The snag, for
> >me, is that a lot of it is on 8" discs, from a Technologics(?) system.
> >The photographs of the discs I have seen show them labelled as 48tpi,
> >soft sectored.
> >
> >So. Is there anybody in the UK (Birmingham or Manchester areas) 
> Would Denmark be ok, "worst case" ?
> >that
> >has facilities to read 8" discs and drop the contents (straight sector
> >by sector image would be fine if it's not in a common format) onto
> >some more modern media?  
> >
> >Failing all that.. anybody got a spare drive that I might be able to
> >link up to a machine I do have?  (PCs and Acorn machines).
> >
> I have some drives, but hooking it up to a modern PC is not easily done.
> Ideally, you would find e.g. a '486 and a MicroSolutions IV card.
> For the 8" drive (at least the ones I have), you need a +24VDC for the
> motor, and the power connectors can be a problem. I have 3 or 4 drives,
> and all connectors are different...
> If you dare sending the disks by registered mail or courier, I'd be 
> happy to give it a try.
> Nico

Andrew Back
a at

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