The value of assembler language programmers [was RE: Algol vs Fortran was RE: VHDL vs Verilog]

Ben bfranchuk at
Wed Feb 10 09:42:56 CST 2010

e.stiebler wrote:
> Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> [ actually a lot of good stuff] ;-)
>> 25+ years later, how far have uber-fast machines with uber-large and
>> uber-cheap storage really gotten us? Not as far as the raw numbers
>> might lead one to think. I can buy a machine that about fits in my
>> pocket that has 500 times the memory, 500 times the storage, and has a
>> clock that's nearly 500 times faster for 1/500th the cost* - a
>> 250,000X price-performance advantage. I think quite a bit of that
>> 500x multiplier is getting pissed away before I type a single
>> character. Yes it can do more; yes it feels faster. That much
>> faster? Not in my opinion.
> That's why I love to embedded stuff. And even here, any "reasonable"
> Real Time OS of today, can't really boot with 48 kbytes of memory.

OS/9 for the 6809 does alot, but not real time.I suspect a real time OS
would be in the same ball park. Graphics is the killer for any small 
system and that is where I would check first.

> Progress I guess ;-)
Yes. today in one chip you can do what 5 chips of yesterday can
do with all pins left for I/O stuff.

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