OT: Datasheet for Motorola MCM62940 32K X 9 SRAM?

Jeff Walther trag at io.com
Fri Feb 12 15:30:17 CST 2010

Anyone have a datasheet for the MCM62940 (MCM62940AFN14) static RAM?  It's
not strictly off topic, as it's from the 256K level 2 cache of a computer
from the mid-90s (NuBus PPC Macintoshes).

The usual web searches have failed me.   I thought I had downloaded it
years ago, but it turns out I only collected the datasheet for the TAG
SRAM and not for the cache chips.

This is particularly interesting because one can get 4000 of the chips
(soldered to boards) for about $50.

I have a couple of projects in mind where they might be useful.   On the
other hand, they do take up a lot of board real estate (about .75"

Jeff Walther

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